Area 2 Administrators at Area Meeting

From left to right: Sandra Brown, Prairie CD; Sarafina Claeys, Little Beaver CD; Julie Goss, Richland CD; Tanya Gobbs, Dawson Co CD; Stephanie Carroll, Carter Co CD; Carol Watts, Custer Co CD; Renee Nelson, Wibaux CD; Liz Riter, Powder River CD.

Stillwater CD Seeks Administrator


Columbus, MT– SUMMARY OF WORK: This position covers a wide variety of duties assigned by a board that meets monthly. The person in this position helps the conservation district supervisors carry out lawful roles and responsibilities, and to plan and implement the board’s goals and conservation priorities. Working with the board chair, the employee sets up board meetings, keeps the board informed of law and rule changes; conveys the conservation message through education efforts; is responsible for processing and issuing S.B. 310 perennial stream permits according to established procedures; writes and manages grants; drafts contracts and agreements; updates websites; performs bookkeeping, record keeping and administrative duties for district. Performs duties for the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) on request and as time permits.

2017 Admin Ad

SCD 2017 Job Description

14 CDs on Facebook

At the Statewide Administrator’s Training this month, we had a great discussion about social media and how to use it to better reach people in your area. Social Media is great for keeping your organization in people’s minds, which is important when they’re, you know, thinking about digging up a stream or maybe implementing some cover crops. Your job is to help them, so make sure that you’re the first place they think to go!

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