About Us

MACDEO is an organization of the employees of Conservation Districts in the state of Montana.

Conservation Districts do lots of important work conserving natural resources across our beautiful state.

As the employees of these CDs, we are the people in the offices doing the bulk of the work. We sell & plant trees, process 310 permits, host youth education events, producer workshops, implement restoration projects, and much more.

The EO strives to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of administrators in these important positions by providing peer support, trainings, and many other resources. These resources are provided through membership dues and an annual fundraiser event at the MACD Convention in November, and through many volunteer hours from EO Officers.

Whether you’re a new administrator stepping into an office with 30 years of disorganized files or a seasoned employee looking to strengthen your QuickBooks skills, we are here to say “you’re not alone”.

We encourage you to visit the message board page on this website. It is a new resource that we think will be very helpful as a place to ask questions and get answers, and to save those Q & As for future administrators. It’s only a valuable archive if it gets used, so please ask away!