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Resources for CDs

Annual Financial Report to the Department of Administration

Mill Levy

Audits and Reviews

Filing thoughts

Administrator Timelines and Duties

Grant Billing/Reports/Tracking


  • New Personnel-Procedures
  • Payroll Procedures
  • Evaluation Process Sample
  • Timesheet sample 1
  • Timesheet sample 2
  • Something to remember is that if your CD is co-located in a USDA building, there are forms to fill out. Speak with your District Conservationist to get more information
  • Montana Public Employees Retirement Administration (MPERA) runs the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS).  Districts are eligible to participate if they’d like.  There are forms required.  Please contact MPERA at 1-877-275-7372

Accounting Tools

QuickBooks Specific

Other Policies

The Employee Handbook is a more thorough take on what we CD Employees do.  However, for those new to the office, we wanted a more succinct “First Week on the Job” crash course.  We’ve done some edits on the original “field guide” and will be getting these out to District soon!

New Employee Orientation Guide

2022 Draft Employee Handbook-Under Revision!

Send comments and recommendations for changes to

Employee Roundtables

One of the positive results of the Covid 19 Pandemic was an increase in virtual meetings and trainings.  While Conservation District Employees have always met, it was usually only quarterly for Areas, or semi-annually or annually at the Spring Board meeting and MACD Convention.  Born of the Covid pandemic, the Roundtables happen on a monthly basis, on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 10 am.  The meeting link is sent out via email to those on the MACD Administrator and MACD Alternative Administrator list serves prior to each Roundtable.

If you’re interested in presenting on any of these topics or to get on the list for the meeting link, contact Chris Evans at or call 406-449-5000 ext. 3884.

The draft list of topics for 2022 are below. Topics below be pre-empted by some other opportunities-stay tuned!

September-Technology Use for CDs: Best WordPress plugins, tips and trick with tech, social media use, webpage management and WordPress.
October-Cost Share Programs-pros & cons and ideas for a program; also a 15 minute or so section on input to DNRC for Supervisor Training needs.
December-all things personnel related

(There will be no Roundtable in November, since that’s the week of the Convention)

If you have ideas for Roundtable Topics, please fill out this form.

More and more, Conservation Districts are having to negotiate the perils of the SAM.Gov (system awards management) system for accessing federal grant funds.

Deanna Langman with Big Sky Economic Development recently had some tips for Conservation Districts and their registrations.

  • FAQs, guides and renewal instructions can be found at this LINK.
  • SAM will send reminders, but she recommends making a reminder tickler on your calendar.
  • You may want to book mark the link above and print out the Quick Start Guide for your SAM folder.
  • Your organized SAM “folder” should contain login information, UEI, CAGE Code, MPIN, etc.
  • To avoid future delays and confusion, she recommends linking SAM registration duties to a job description.
  • Also, she recommends creating a second “user account” and linking it to the CD user’s account so that more than one person has access.
  • Instructions for adding a user can be found at this LINK.
  • Each user should have a primary and secondary method of “two factor” authentication set up in the primary “” account (SAM user account).

If your CD is having trouble with your account, Deanna can be reached by calling 406-869-8410 or by emailing  Her address is 222 North 32nd St., Suite 200, Billings Montana, 59101.

This section of the website is for sharing education tips and tools.

List of Conservation Themed Books for children

Educational Resources on Invasive Species

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