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Annual Financial Report to the Department of Administration

Mill Levy

Audits and Reviews

Filing thoughts

Administrator Timelines and Duties

Grant Billing/Reports/Tracking


  • New Personnel-Procedures
  • Payroll Procedures
  • Evaluation Process Sample
  • Timesheet sample 1
  • Timesheet sample 2
  • Something to remember is that if your CD is co-located in a USDA building, there are forms to fill out. Speak with your District Conservationist to get more information
  • Montana Public Employees Retirement Administration (MPERA) runs the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS).  Districts are eligible to participate if they’d like.  There are forms required.  Please contact MPERA at 1-877-275-7372

Accounting Tools

QuickBooks Specific





The Employee Handbook is a more thorough take on what we CD Employees do.  However, for those new to the office, we wanted a more succinct “First Week on the Job” crash course.  Tenlee Atchison at the Cascade Conservation District put this together for the November 2020 EO Meeting as a draft.  After some edits were completed, here’s the final version.

We’re hoping to get a hard copy of this in each CD office across the state.  In the meantime, add this to the “list” for the person who may replace you.

Field Guide Final

2021 Draft Employee Handbook-Under Revision!

Send comments and recommendations for changes to

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