Resources for Online Education

The 2020 Pandemic reminded all of the Conservation Districts that we all really rely on in-person training and education formats.  While those are GREAT forums for education and information exchange, we need to think outside the box.  We thank all of the sources for letting others use their materials!

Flathead Conservation District has a YouTube Channel


Noxious Weeds

Noxious Weed Management: Live Webinar

Guest presenter, Noel Jinings, with the Flathead County Weed Control District describes best practices for noxious weed management. The presentation covers i…


Fall Planting for Pollinators Webinar

Fall can be one of the best times to plant native pollinator habitat. Join us to learn about our Pollinator Initiative Program and how to develop habitat on …

DIY Pollinator Habitat Webinar (07-01-2020)

This video is a recording of the DIY Pollinator Habitat Webinar presentation and open discussion led by Flathead Conservation District staff. This webinar fo…


Gardening for Water Conservation Webinar

This webinar covers what you need to know about gardening techniques that conserve and protect water! Topics to include irrigation, xeriscaping, and rain gar…

Lawn Alternatives Webinar

This webinar covers practical alternatives to traditional lawns and their many benefits! It provides information about low-growing species and ground covers,…

Rain Gardens Webinar (7-15-2020)

Rain gardens capture rain water runoff, improve water quality, and provide native plant habitat. Check out this webinar to learn more about the benefits of r…

Soil Health

Soil Health Webinar

This webinar covers the basics of keeping your soil healthy. Topics range from improving soil health to cover crops, soil sampling, composting, and more!

Soil Sampling

The intent of this video is to demonstrate the steps for soil sampling


Wildfire Ready Webinar (07-29-2020)

This webinar features local experts providing information for homeowners on being prepared for wildfire season, as well as an update for the 2020 fire season…



Exploring Your Watershed: Reducing Pollution

In this video, we use the Enviroscape model to teach about different ways to reduce watershed pollution. This includes looking at natural features that provi…


Exploring Your Watershed: Sources and Impacts of Pollution

In this video, we use the Enviroscape model to teach about watersheds, and demonstrate different sources of pollution across our landscape and how they can i…

Enviroscape Intro for Teachers

This video introduces teachers to the Enviroscape model by going over what’s included, what can be taught and how to access it from the Flathead Conservation…


YouTube videos from Kentucky (Although these videos are done by the University of Kentucky, they’re not really Kentucky-specific).

How to Measure Tree using a Biltmore Stick –
Tree Identification Overview –
Identifying Trees Using a Dichotomous Key –
Leaf Characteristics –
Leaf Arrangement –
Leaf Form –
Leaf Margins –
Additional Tree Characteristics –
Tree Id –


Other Online Resources (Variety of topics within each link)

Envirothon Education Resources

The North Carolina Envirothon has some training videos and podcasts that can be found here: []

The Pennsylvania Envirothon has some training videos for Wildlife and Soils, found under the “Learning Enhancements” tab: [] []

 The Manitoba Envirothon has some resources and training videos for the different topics here: []

 The Connecticut Envirothon has some interactive resources for the natural resource areas: []

 Forests Ontario has some Envirothon-specific training videos on their YouTube channel: []

The North American Association of Environmental Educators (NAAEE) has compiled lists of environmental resources: []

Project Learning Tree has resources available focusing on plants and forests: []

Project WET has some lesson plans and resources available for Aquatic Ecology and other water-related topics: []

Project WILD has some guidelines for field activities: []

The North Carolina Office of Environmental Education and Public Affairs has several links on their resources page as well as a searchable online resource database: []

 The National Science Teaching Association has many resources available, and is currently offering a free 30-day membership: []

 The US EPA has some activities available: []

 National Environmental Education Foundation has some home-based learning resources and some educator toolkits: []