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The following YouTube videos are sessions 1, 2 and 3 of the 2021 QuickBooks training for the Employee’s Organization.

In addition, there were some other documents made available.

Class List Examples:

Chart of Accounts with the BARS numbers Lewis and Clark CD

QuickBooks Volunteer Time Tracking description

QuickBooks Training Document used during the sessions

Paper and electronic records can get to be a nightmare.  What do you keep?  How do you keep it?  What are the rules?

***Update on Board Meeting Minutes–DNRC has requested that Conservation District Board meeting minutes be sent to them in “final” form, which means, signed by a Supervisor and the Recorder, and dated.  This could be done when you send the signed minutes to your County Clerk and Recorder’s office for certification.  DNRC will accept hardcopy OR scanned meeting minutes.  They should be sent to Amy Personette.

This series of slides, taken from a records training that was done at the 2019 convention and revised a bit for presentations in 2021, give some of the basic details on the rules that Montana Conservation Districts must follow to dispose of records and gives some thoughts on how to consider keeping electronic files.

These 4 documents are from a Training done for the Employees in 2015.  Some of this may be outdated.

Operating Grants PowerPoint

Grant writing 101

CD Administrator workshop June 2015

CD Administrator workshop June 2015lb

These files are from a QuickBooks Training done in 2015.  The zip files are large, especially the Training Presentations.  You’ll need to download these and then extract the files to a location that you can easily find on your computer.

QuickBooks Chart of Accounts zip file
QuickBooks Training Presentations zip file
QuickBooks Account List

At the 2017 Convention, Missoula CD’s Jen McBride gave a presentation on checking the County Mill Levy for your district.  If you missed the presentation, and would like to watch it, you can view it here:

Mill Levy Presentation

The June 16, 2021 Employees Organization Roundtable for Conservation Districts in Montana. Discusses the changes to the EO webpage, Fiscal Year End, Department of Administration/Local Government Services Annual Report, Grant reports for the Admin Grants from DNRC, Calendar year end tax forms and considerations with 1099’s, and the Permissive Mill Levy for Employee Benefits process.

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