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Employee Handbook

3/9/2021  The Employee Handbook is under revision.  The version below is the original version.  The revised version will be available for comment and changes on another post coming soon!

The Employees organization has recently produced an update to our Administrator’s Handbook. Hard copies were handed out at the statewide training in June, and you can request that one be mailed to you if you didn’t pick one up at the training. Or download here!

This is a great resource for new administrators that discusses the history of Conservation Districts and advice on planning, finances, outreach and more for districts.

Tab 1 Dividers | History of Montana Conservation Districts

Tab 2 Dividers | Agencies and Organizations Assisting the Districts

Tab 3 Dividers | Personel


Tab 5 Dividers | Daily Operations


Tab 7 Dividers | Grants

Tab 8 Dividers | Supervisors

Tab 9 Dividers | 310

Tab 10 Dividers | Water Reservations

Tab 11 Dividers | Public Relations and Outreach

Tab 12 Dividers | Index

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