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2021 Fall Training FAQ’s

To answer some of the frequently asked questions about the fall training, I figured I’d make this post.

Q. Since the Hotel is full, do I still need to register?

A. YES. Your registration cost ONLY covers your lunches for the two days. The grant is covering the cost of the Hotel for meeting and sleeping rooms. So please register “Not Staying At The Pollard Hotel”.

Q: What are the differences in registration?

A: There are 6 total choices: (only 4 choices left)
*one for staying at The Pollard if you’re willing to share a room –Full
*one for staying at The Pollard if you aren’t willing to share a room –Full
*a choice to stay off-site, but your CD will have to cover the cost of your hotel stay (though MWCC is offering funds for travel and the EO may have enough funds to reimburse your CD.
*a choice for just Wednesday (one day registration)
*a choice for just Thursday (one day registration)
*a choice for virtual only, if we can manage to make it happen

Q: Will there be a masking requirement at the training?

A: It will depend on the County and Hotel requirements. Bring a mask just to play it safe and we’ll send out updates as we get closer to the event.

Q: Do I need to call and make reservations at the hotel?

A: No. We are doing a rooming list since the grant is paying for the hotel accommodations. You will not need to pay for a room, unless we run out of rooms at The Pollard. If that happens we will let people know if they need to make reservations at a different location.

Room reservations will be for Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Q: Are you offering scholarships for lodging and mileage expenses?

A: Since the grant is paying lodging, we are not offering scholarships for that. MWCC has a grant to help with the traveling expenses and lodging (if we run out of rooms at The Pollard).

Q: My CD doesn’t have a credit card. How do I register?

A: You can still go on Eventbrite and register. One of your payment options will be to send a check. These checks should be made out to the MACDEO and be sent to the Treasurer of the EO, Sharon Flemetis, PO Box 48, Columbus MT 59019

Q: Will there be an opportunity to do the training virtually?

A: We hope so. MACD will be helping us to set that up with the assistance of different CD’s bringing their OWL cameras and laptops. There IS a virtual option on the Eventbrite.

Q: How do I register?

A: Go to Eventbrite.

Q: What about meals?

A: Breakfast is covered IF YOU STAY AT THE POLLARD. There will be a breakfast in the cafe one morning covered by a voucher from the hotel, the other morning will be a buffet provided by the hotel. If you don’t stay in the hotel, you will be covering your own breakfast.
Lunches are what your registration fee cover. A Soup and Salad buffet one day, a Soup and Sandwich buffet the other day.
Dinners are “on your own”.

Q: Do I need to be an Employee Organization member in order to attend?

A: That’s a good question. In the past, the EO has charged double for non-members for training. We aren’t doing that this time. It would be nice if you were an EO member because of the very real benefits that the EO typically offers, with the Roundtables, trainings, networking etc. However, this time, no, you don’t.

Agenda can be found here.

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