Officers and Area Representatives

For new Conservation District employees, and for the seasoned, if you’re looking for some advice, or help or anything else, these are the people to start with!!!

For a list of all conservation districts in the state, please see DNRC’s Conservation District directory.

If you’d like to contact all the administrators in the state, you can do so by sending an email to  During the COVID pandemic, please also use to be sure you’re reaching those administrators who are working remotely who do not have access to their normal email address.


Chairman– Heidi Fleury, Lake CD
Vice Chairman-Katie Mumford, Broadwater CD
Secretary– Emma Link, Cascade CD
Treasurer– Sharon Flemetis, Stillwater CD

Area I
Dusty Olson, Garfield CD

Area II
Julie Goss, Richland CD

Area III
Gail Cicon, Liberty CD
Emma Link, Cascade CD

Area IV
Wendy Jones, Lower Musselshell CD
Sharon Flemetis, Stillwater CD

Area V
Heidi Fleury, Lake CD
Julie Ralston, Bitterroot CD

Area VI
Katie Mumford, Broadwater CD
Becky Clements, Gallatin CD

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